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My life came to a standstill. I could breathe, eat, drink and sleep, and I could not help doing these things; but there was no life, for there were no wishes the fulfillment of which I could consider reasonable. If I desired anything, I knew in advance that whether I satisfied my desire or not, nothing would come of it. Had a fairy come and offered to fulfill my desires I should not have known what to ask. If in moments of intoxication I felt something which, though not a wish, was a habit left by former wishes, in sober moments I knew this to be a delusion and that there was really nothing to wish for. I could not even wish to know the truth, for I guess of what it consisted. The truth was that life is meaningless.

Leo Tolstoy (via quotes-shape-us)

A good description of how it feels to be deep in an episode of clinical depression

(via clinicallydepressedpug)

On a dial somewhere between the high eighties and low nineties FM, Elouise plays the Violent Femmes for those who wake from twelve to two AM. And her voice is pure and soft, oh, when she stumbles on her words and every boy in town is pretty certain he deserves to marry her. Someday soon.

my love

the whole world’s gonna end

but when you shake your shoulders

and squint your eyes

the band plays on

in spite of everything

my love

have you no fear at all?

because you shake your shoulders

and squint your eyes

and the whole room takes it’s cue from you


no falling stars or snow

can make that thing look pale

and cities might just sprout in droves

again from where your shimmy goes

and you’d not pay

a bit of mind

to it or us

or anything at all

my love

you know I like your hair

but you shake your shoulders and squint your eyes

and I’m afraid

it’s all too much tonight.

Audrey, I just want to lay my head on your belly.
Would you touch my neck?
Would you tell me about your day?
‘Cause I’m aching inside and
I don’t really feel much like talking.
Would you just play records and maybe listen to my sighs?
‘Cause if I could just do that
‘Cause if I could just do that
‘Cause if I could just do that
I might be all-
Audrey, Say Hi
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